Emerging Designers

Becca and Ben Bolscher

Floral Fusion

"Floral fusion" works to the brief as it represents form in space. With negative and positive attributes (laser cut sections of petals) and explores contrasting ideas, the raw and tough elements of steel from Fletcher Easysteel's stock and the delicate nature of the floral forms.

The intertwined flowers represent the collaboration of ideas between the two designers (Visual Artist graduate and Visual effect Artist). The stamen represents creativity, the piece that unites the two individuals, who work in different creative fields.


Rose Petterson

Divine Star

Divine Star is a sculptural installation that stands over 4m tall and sits over 2m in diameter.

Inspired by the architecture and vaulting of gothic cathedrals Divine Star is like a drawing in space which confronts the duality of opposites. It is solid yet transparent, large yet of a personal size, it can be viewed from the outside but from the inside the space really opens up. From inside, the outside world suddenly gets a framework and an encounter with the work takes place; and when you look up from the inside the star shapes emerge from within the vaulting framework.

Runners Up

Emerging Designer

Hiriwa Pavilion

IDEA HIRIWA PAVILION is an experimental structure which endeavor to reinterpret the function of steel.In this project steel is used as textile or fabric. The perforated steel plates form a lattice membrane for a small outdoor pavilion.

The form-finding process included methods studied by of Heinz Isler or Antoni Gaudi (e.g.fabric forming, membrane under pressure) and mesh relaxation techniques.Geometry was translated into a grid of non-repeatable steel panels. The perforation changes gradually over the surface. The largest openings are in the middle of the pavilion in order to reduce weight in the unsupported places. The size of the pavilion is roughly 4,5x4,5 m x 3m.

The pavilion's CNC-bent aluminium frame is constructed from 24 sections. The surface of the pavilion includes 128 unique panels from 2,5mm Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel Plates (corten). In the presented project every panel is considered as a single element , so that 6-8 panels could fit to the steel sheet of size 2500x 1250mm. However panels could be laser cut either as separate elements or as larger clusters. At the connecting two parts edges there are overlaps, that enable to connect parts with each other.

Parametric design tools give us flexibility and creativity during design and construction process.Design features like size and shape of the pavilion, the amount of panels or the type of perforation could be adjusted for feasibility proposes at every stage before the final fabrication. Automated lay outing will produce immediately updated files for fabrication.


Self Portrait

This sculpture is a somewhat nonfigurative self portrait of the artist that defines my personal concept of space in the abstract form of a bust of my own head - expressed spatially through pattern, depth and reflection via interlocking planar panels. In order to index intersecting Mild Steel Plates in a radial array, a core frame work of Square Hollow Section with Pipe spigots is constructed and set on axes running from left eye socket to right ear canal, and from left ear canal to right eye socket. The planar panels in 12mm Mild Steel Plate radiate out from these round spigots. The inclined cruciform axes meet directly above a vertical central Square Hollow Section spinal column that is welded to a base plate.

The sculpture measures 3000mm front to back, 2400 mm wide and 2746mm high. It is comprised of laser cut 12mm mild steel planes as whole panels in one orientation. The other orientation - a mirror image of the first - is comprised of precision cut segments. The spatial arrangement is easily indexed with non-committal tack welds until the whole assembly is ready for final welding. Whilst on the face of it, this is a very challenging construction, I have proven the construction method on a smaller scale in light weight plastic and aluminium components that have all been cut on my CNC router. The smaller plastic sculpture (that serves as a prototype for this gargantuan yet majestic version in mild steel) was exhibited at the 2014 Harbourview Sculpture Trail. It was very favourably featured in the NZ Herald magazine and was a favourite among visitors to the exhibition.

In terms of finish, this steel version is likely to be too heavy and too large to galvanize, and few welders would be willing to weld pre-galvanized plates. Accordingly, it may be preferable to just let the sculpture rust. If this were the case, the plate spacing between intersecting plates could be varied to use 5mm Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel Plates (Corten) from the Easysteel range. Alternatively, the 12mm plate thickness could be laminated from 3 x 4mm Corten plates in a sandwich construction. This later option yields greater potential for precision alignment as sockets could be made in the plates to accept the interlocking plates in the overall assembly with a high degree of accuracy. SHARE

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