The Competition

The Urban Garden seeks to break through the tension of concrete and noise, so very much part of the inner-city landscape, bringing therapeutic flora personalities to life in the medium of steel.

There will be four finalists in each category – Professional and Emerging. These eight designs will be fabricated, with the finished sculptures displayed in an outdoor gallery at the NZ Flower and Garden Show, where they will be seen by tens of thousands of people. A public vote will help determine the winners, plus the sculptures will be for sale during the event and via TradeMe*, with proceeds going towards supporting the New Zealand Cancer Society.


Professional 1st prize $4000, runner up $1000.
Emerging designer 1st prize $4000, runner up $1000.

The finalists will be announced on September 1st, and fabricated sculptures will need to be completed by 20 November.

Entries open on March 19th and will be accepted up until 5 pm on Friday 17th of August. Your entry must consist of both 3D renders and working drawings sufficient to completely and accurately describe all aspects of the piece - this is to ensure the integrity of your design meets the design specification.


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